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Physical Conditions

We verify the applicant’s physical condition for allergies, disabilities that would prevent them from working in certain conditions, dexterity. Every applicant is required to sign a consent form indicating that he/she is able and willing to work in the given environment and has no such physical disability which would prevent him/her from completing certain given tasks. Every applicant is placed in categories in accordance to their physical endurance.

Eligibility to work

Upon registration every applicant is required to provide proof of identification and social insurance number. If required, the applicant’s background is checked through an investigation agency. Applicants are also required to submit any certification they hold. Referencing to verify the performance and track record of an individual we hire is mandatory. All references may be provided to the employer, at request. Only the most suitable candidates will be placed on the job.

Health & Safety

Every applicant is shown WHMIS and GMP films and is required to attend a health and safety session our agency provides, and then are tested. Applicants who pass the given test with 80% and up are considered eligible for placement.

Skill Testing & Evaluation

Every applicant is required to complete given test(s) and evaluation(s). Depending on the category the applicant is placed in, they are required to complete test(s) and evaluation(s) on administrative skills, word processing, spreadsheet and data entry and general labour applicants are required to complete test(s) on Math, Reading (English), Writing (English), Manual Dexterity and WHIMS. Applicants that administer great ability and complete the given test(s) and evaluation(s) in accordance to our agency’s standard are selected and put in placements.

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